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Read THIS!!! 9/26/2011

26 Sep

To have your blog behave like a website, use pages and categories.

Pages are the equivalent of web pages

WordPress works the same way as a relational database functions

A page can be in multiple categories

Law firms designed relational database design

Nearly all law firms use this architecture

This is done so that multiple groups can all access the information efficiently.

The categories function as relational databases

Pages are the equivalent of sections in a website

Target =” _new” or ” _blank”

These notes exist through the wordpress servers

Googles algorithim produces the highest trafficed comercial results

See the movie called “The Corporation”

Baidu The biggest search engine in the world.

1984 Neil Postmen – Amusing Ourselves to Death – must read

Politics, news, education as entertainment

2 Dystrophy visions – George Orwell 1984 / Aldous Huxley Brave New World

Loss of Focus is the issue of the media

So overwhelmed by information that we discount all

Most of the information that we are bombarded with is useless information

Utility is that which you can apply to your real life – people search


Read THIS!!! 9/19/11

19 Sep

WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get

Vis. – is WYSIWYG

HTML – is Hyper Text Markup Language

Hyperlink – Marc Andreesen, Eric Bina – The Browser

Hyperlink – for navigating between different pages

WWW – 1994 Essentially a conglomeration of commercial pages

HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocal

URL – Universal Resource Locater

TLD – Top Level Domain (.com .org .edu .gov .de)

Argot – Special Terms for a field

Sir Tim Berners Lee

Sputnik 1957

Categories in a blog

Blog V. Website

Websites are organized in sections

Sections can be either categories or pages

Post management – Remember to categorize your post

Every time I find a story online – Headline, Date, URL, Byline, added to my blog (hyperlink the URL in new window)

apx. 250 word summary of the story up to 100 words from original story (key quote, summary) precis

1 – 3 stories a week.

The Key concept to using social media professionally is the barrier to entry

The barriers are low today because the companies making applications want as many users as possible

CUs – Consumer Units

EPA – Human Value – $7,000,000

FDA – Human Value – $9,000,000

120,000,000 Bloggers (good luck!)

Doing isn’t good enough, expertise is where it is at.

Being able to communicate clearly is a kind of technology (Words are tech)

Chauvet Neanderthal (caveman) 40,000 years ago had not yet invented writing (visual tech only)

Sumerian 6,000 years ago created cuneiform (primitive writing)

Me 12 seconds ago used a computer (current tech)

OED – Oxford English Dictionary

Read Walden Henry David Thoreau