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25 Oct

Thomas Paine: “We have it in our power to begin the world over again”

Kids don’t read enough

Parents and teachers are to blame for lack of critical thinking and the failure of education

the media is not responsible

the government is not responsible

business is not responsible

Richard Arum: “Academically Adrift”

1. you should read way more for school

2. way more writing should be assigned

3. socializing should be discoraged


If you do not have a society of critical thinkers, democracy fails.

Walter Lippmann: an altruistic buracracy should run society

Edward Bernays: Nephew of Sigmond Freud, One of the fathers of public relations says an non-altruistic buracracy should run society

Ivy Lee: A father of public relations

The Just World Phenominon: People are phycologically wired to believe the world is fair.

John Milton: Free Speech

Marquis de Condorcet:

Noocracy: The educated rule noo from noose meaning educated or intellegent

Civilization and its Discontents, Freud -Read

Society will always be at war with itself -Freud

Tell people that they can have whatever they want and you can sell them anything

Read the book “Propaganda”

hoipolloi: Greek – the masses

pejorative: insulting


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18 Oct

Fortune Cookies

John Cage

More Wireless Devices Than People


We Feel Fine


A Clockwork Orange: Anthony Burgess / Stanley Kubrick


The Haze Code: 1930s       Abandoned by filmmakers because they wanted to make violent films.


David Hockney's Mother



“The essential meaning of silence is giving up intention.” John Cage


Agnes Martin:





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10 Oct

The Diary as Protoblog

See this:

David Carr:

Occupy Wall Street: They say they have their own printing press.  Their paper is the first unified approach that the group has made.  A print publication becomes its own living entity. A publication that aspires to become periodic assumes continuity.  They do this because it is portable media, independent of other devices. This can go “viral.”  It is “real,” physical, tangible, holdable. “A Web site will come and go, but this could be here 100 years from now if the mold doesn’t get to it,”

Paradise Lost – the best American epic poem.

Milton – free speech and truth is about life and death.

Areopagitica – Made the case for free speech


Markquis Condorcet – If you have people of bad will they will not tell the truth.

1776 Thomas Payne – Common Sense -provided morale for the revolution and made it sucsefful

Allen Ginsberg – Howl – 1957 was broadcast on WUAI and it went to the supreme court for being inappropriate. – ruled free speech and exempted.

It is now illegal to play it on the air.

Issue 1 OWSJ:

Issue 2 OWSJ:

Graphic – it makes paperdocs strong.

The computer interface is not user friendly.  website shortener



Bel Geddes – planned obsolescence

Moore’s Law

Coltan – a mined substance from the republic of Congo – In every I-phone and every electronic device.

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3 Oct

Bill Gates - Second richest man in the world

Carlos Slim - Richest man in the world

Warren Buffet - Third richest man in the world

Cell phone love

Center for Communication

Occupy Wall Street

Media Movie Series: Reporting News in the 21st Century

Media Movie Series: Reporting News in the 21st Century
Media Movie Series: Reporting News in the 21st Century

Friday, September 30
6:30 to 9:30pm

NYIT Auditorium
1871 Broadway
(between 61st & 62nd Streets.)
New York, NY


Presented with NYIT’s Department of Communication Arts, Manhattan

Presented with NYIT on Broadway

Seminar Description

6:30 to 9:00 pm, Page One: Inside The New York Times (2011). Filmmaker Andrew Rossi (Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven; Eat This New York) spent a year inside the NY Times shooting the newsroom and capturing the inner workings of the Media Desk as the paper struggles to stay profitable in the wake of the digital revolution. Reporters Brian Stelter, Tim Arango and the irascible David Carr provide the drama as they tackle 20th century problems and try to keep apace of constant transformations as the Internet surpasses print as our main source of news.

What would happen if the NY Times were to go away?

The Fairness Doctrine has been abandonned

“Speaking truth to power”

The New Yorker

Read this story

Wherever Keller

The I-phone and the brain