Read THIS!!! 10/10/11

10 Oct

The Diary as Protoblog

See this:

David Carr:

Occupy Wall Street: They say they have their own printing press.  Their paper is the first unified approach that the group has made.  A print publication becomes its own living entity. A publication that aspires to become periodic assumes continuity.  They do this because it is portable media, independent of other devices. This can go “viral.”  It is “real,” physical, tangible, holdable. “A Web site will come and go, but this could be here 100 years from now if the mold doesn’t get to it,”

Paradise Lost – the best American epic poem.

Milton – free speech and truth is about life and death.

Areopagitica – Made the case for free speech


Markquis Condorcet – If you have people of bad will they will not tell the truth.

1776 Thomas Payne – Common Sense -provided morale for the revolution and made it sucsefful

Allen Ginsberg – Howl – 1957 was broadcast on WUAI and it went to the supreme court for being inappropriate. – ruled free speech and exempted.

It is now illegal to play it on the air.

Issue 1 OWSJ:

Issue 2 OWSJ:

Graphic – it makes paperdocs strong.

The computer interface is not user friendly.  website shortener



Bel Geddes – planned obsolescence

Moore’s Law

Coltan – a mined substance from the republic of Congo – In every I-phone and every electronic device.


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