Read THIS!!! 11/28/11

29 Nov

The four purposes of media that are generally held:

1. Inform – Tell people what is going on

2. Advocate – Tell people what to buy, who to vote for, ect.

3. Educate – Teach people what they should know

4. Entertain – Provide amusement for the people


The David Cundy Occupationalism view of media

1. Spend your time – So that you don’t have any left

2. Drive consumption – To get you to spend your money

3. Provide revenue – To take your money

4. Mind control – To promote social stability and prevent dissension

Media is all about advertising / money – Not what it stated as (see above)

A must watch film: “Art & Copy”

Esther Dyson – “All ideas should be free, except her book”

The question of life in America now is how do you make information valuable again?

Juliet Schor – “Born to Buy” claims we are not materialistic enough

“A virtuous cycle of consumption”

Who controls the media, the images, controls the culture


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